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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair my lock, or do you have to replace it?

While repairing a lock may seem like a less expensive option, sometimes there is no choice but to change the locks completely. If none of the internal components have been damaged, it might be possible to repair it, but if the lock is damaged beyond repair, you will need to replace it.

You might be able to replace your lock if there is minimal damage that has not compromised the internal integrity of the lock. However, if your lock has sustained major damage, it must be replaced.

Our locksmiths will be able to give you an answer after they have surveyed the damage.

If the damage to your lock was caused by a burglary, robbery, or other forced entry, you will most likely want a complete lock rekey services. Another reason for a lock change is serious wear on highly used doors that can limit the efficiency of your lock.

Because your door is integral to your home security, it's important to make the choice that provides you the best protection.

How long will this lock rekey services take?

A lock change might seem like a big project to you, but it actually is a fairly quick project.

Definitely not! There is no reason a standard lock change should cause any damage to your door. Our experienced locksmiths take utmost care to protect the integrity of the locks and doors they work on.

Of course, that time may vary according to the exact project specifications, such as what kind of lock is being replaced, and what it is being replaced with.

In most cases, you can replace your traditional lock with a smart lock using the same door. Many of the smart locks available today fit easily into the doors already in place.

The door is already adjusted for that kind of lock, so it's a quick installation process. If you want to change the kind of lock you use, it could take a little more time.

Depending upon the type of door and lock you currently have, it might necessary to make small alterations to accommodate the smart lock. Our highly skilled locksmiths can do that for you.

How do I know it's time to replace or change my lock?

If you have reason to think that your lock has been damaged, or if it is not functioning properly, contact us for an assessment. Our locksmiths can identify the problem and advise you whether it can be fixed or if it should be replaced.

You will usually notice right away if your lock is malfunctioning or damaged.

A smart lock might be a great option for you. It's usually an easy switch to change out locks using a smart lock.

These types of locks employ combinations and pin pads, rather than relying solely on keys like traditional locks. This provides great flexibility for customers who don't want to carry house keys or those who might have a habit of losing them.

We don't want to see that happen to you.

Call us today.

Locks Change

Your door is one of the most critical parts of your house, and you know it's important that the door and lock function properly. One of the best ways to ensure the security of your home and belongings is a trustworthy lock.

If you have any reason to believe the lock has been compromised, call us for a professional opinion.

We advise customers to call as soon as they notice something is wrong, so our mobile locksmiths can get to work before it's too late.

If it's possible to repair the lock, we will do so. If there wasn't a forced entry incident that caused the damage, it's likely the lock has worn out over time.

We recommend homeowners prioritize maintaining their locks.

Don't simply take for granted that the lock will always work correctly.

Rather, take steps to ensure that it does.

There are incidents will most often necessitate a lock change.

If your lock was broken during a break-in, that proves you need a stronger lock.

If someone used force to break through the lock, it will likely need a complete lock change.

A high-quality lock should not be easy to break. Even if the break-in was not successful (we hope that's the case for you), there can still be internal damage that causes deficiencies.

Also keep in mind that even if you don't see the damage, the lock could fail and leave you locked out of your house.

If you watch for warning signs, you might be able to avoid a lock rekey services.

So, if this has happened to you, call us as soon as possible and we'll be there. Another reason to think about changing your locks if when your keys have been lost or stolen.

Another thing to pay attention to when you find yourself struggling to unlock or lock your door, even when you are using the correct key.

We encourage customers to err on the side of caution and replace locks in cases like this.

You do not want to open yourself up to a potential crime if you can simply replace the lock and put your mind at ease.

Don't wait if you suspect any problems with your lock, or you could put the security of your home at risk.

Worn-down or damaged locks are more susceptible to picking or breaking.

Locks Change

Locks Change

If someone broke in, it shows the locks were not strong enough to stop a burglary of your home.

And if criminals were able to bypass the locks, they are likely significantly damaged.

If someone forced your door open your locks are now probably damaged beyond repair.

It can save you time and money in the long run.

A damaged lock puts you at a higher risk of being victimized again.

We also suggest you maintain your locks or hire us to help you with that task.

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your lock and make sure it remains in good working order.

Making sure your locks and doors are solid is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner to protect your home and family.

Even with proper maintenance, a lock can fail.

In most cases, that will require a lock rekey services.

If you're one of those people who seems to be constantly losing their keys, you might want to consider switching to a smart lock that uses combinations and pin pads, rather than standard keys.

Great question! For many customers, smart locks provide an easy and secure way to enter and lock your home.

Most of these locks also have an option that allows you to open the door with the key in case you forget the combination or identification number.

If you happen to forget the passcodes, you can reset them.

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