Everyone needs a backup key at some point.

With our remote key making services, you can have those keys made at your home or office.

We Bring The Keys to You

We offer you the ability to have keys made on your schedule. There is no need to make a trip to a hardware store and worry about the key being cut incorrectly by an inexperienced employee.

Our backup key creation is handled by experienced locksmiths who come to you along with all of the tools that they need. Your keys are cut on the premises and you can test them out before we leave.

They bring all the tools they need with them to service a broad range of locks.

New keys of all types can be cut using our mobile process.

The advantage of having our locksmiths cut it for you is our assurance that it will get done right.

We are able to duplicate just about any type of key, including:

  • Car Keys
  • House Keys
  • Transponder Keys
  • Transponder Keys
  • Master Keys
  • Office Keys
  • Car Keys

When you call us, we come to you with the latest and best locksmith tools available in the industry. The advantage of hiring a mobile locksmith equipped with professional tools is that you can be certain the job is done correctly the first time.

When you call for our on-site key making service, you can put your mind at ease knowing the job will be handled swiftly, efficiently and at a competitive rate.

Your keys won't fail you when you need them most, and you won't have to waste time and money returning to a store to have problems fixed.

Key Making

We take pride in serving the metro area.

Our local locksmiths will come to you when you need new keys made.

Our goal is to take all of the annoyance and inconvenience out of the key creation process.

We know all too well about going to the local retail chain or hardware store, having keys cut by an employee who does five different jobs, then getting back to your home or to the office to find that one or more of your new keys doesn't work.

While having locksmiths come to you to create keys might seem like a luxury, it can actually be the most cost-effective way to have backup keys made.

You can be sure that your keys will be cut correctly the first time, and having our tools organized in a mobile workstation allows us to offer very competitive rates.

That's why a mobile locksmith is necessary, and with our services you don't have to make an appointment or come to us.

We'll meet you wherever you are at.

Though you see electronic locks and key cards more often these days, mechanical locks are still by far the most prevalent across all different types of applications (and especially in the area of residential locks).

Keys for mechanical locks still have to be cut by someone trained to use the appropriate tools.

That's why it's important to have experienced locksmiths who do this every day cut your keys for you.

If everything doesn't line up exactly as it is supposed to, you won't be able to open the lock.

That's why you see so many problems with the cheap key making done by stores; it's not being handled by a specialist, and is usually done by someone who has one or two other jobs they are in a hurry to get back to.

Of course, We can handle the duplication of electronic keys as well, but we know that many emergency calls are for home and auto situations where a mechanical key will need to be cut quickly and accurately.

If one pin is off by even a hair, the lock won't open.

Each of the pins has to line up perfectly with the pattern the lock has been set to.

When you need backup keys, think's superior service first.

A mobile locksmith who is at your location will not only make the keys the right way, but is right there to test them in the locks and make sure everything is working properly before they leave.

Types of Keys

No matter what type of key you need, we can make it for you at your location. Residential keys, commercial keys and even automotive keys can be cut on site using the tools in our mobile response vans.

In addition to keys for your home, we can help you with backups for commercial settings and even for vehicles.

Some of the keys brands we commonly work with include:

  • Master Lock
  • Baldwin
  • Baldwin
  • Schlagle
  • Kwikset
  • Weiser

These are just some examples of major lock brands that we see all the time. We can handle key making for many more types of locks.

Just about any home, office or automotive lock is within our ability to service.

We also take pride in offering reasonable and affordable rates, even if you're in an emergency situation late at night.

Our full range of key making services is available from our mobile locksmith vans, and we'll always send you a professional technician fully capable of doing the job.

Lasting customer relationships are the cornerstone of our business.

But we also pride ourselves on value and fair pricing.

We understand that an emergency lockout can be a terrible situation that puts a lot of stress on you.

We want to see you again and again, and to keep us in mind any time you need the services of a locksmith - not just during an emergency.

We'd love to hear from you, and you can reach us at any time.

There might be slightly cheaper options, but you'll be taking a big risk with the quality of the work.

Why Spare Keys are So Important

A backup key is always a prudent idea. You never know when a key might get lost, be stolen or break off in a lock.

Backup keys are an inexpensive investment that can pay off for you later. The personal backup keys you have made can be hidden somewhere, locked up inside of a vehicle or given to a friend or loved one for safekeeping.

While our locksmiths are certainly willing and able to help out when you've lost your keys and don't have a backup, it's much easier and more inexpensive for you to have a spare key available somewhere.

New keys can be copied directly from an existing key in no time. If the existing key is missing, a skilled locksmith can fashion new keys just by working with the lock.

You don't have to go to the hardware store for new keys or make an appointment in advance when you use our services; just call and we'll come to you when it's convenient.

Our mobile locksmith service can come to you wherever you are and create as many keys as you need on the premises.

If you need a lot of keys for an office or industrial system with different levels of access for different employees, we can schedule a visit outside of your normal business hours to get your key system fully set up without interrupting your normal work day.

A complete set of spare keys is the best way to prevent lockout emergencies at home, at work or on the road.

Would you know how to immediately restore access? If not, you should give some serious thought to a duplicate key plan. We're happy to help with advice, and can come to you to make keys whenever it is most convenient to you.

We can handle just about any type of key making in any setting, whether it be residential or commercial.

Automotive keys are also no problem.

For any questions or to schedule service, please give us a call.

If you have any questions about our key making process or want to make use of our services, please give us a call.